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With the simple use of a toggle, you have the freedom to choose whether or not to place documents or records on the blockchain. This automatically assigns a QR code to the document so when it’s scanned it can provide irrefutable evidence of the authenticity of a document. This unique and cutting edge feature takes document verification to the next level. It reduces audit time, increases confidence that records are genuine and provides a much higher level of Food Safety compliance than standard Food Safety plans.

Currently the FSPB supports FSQ4.2, but the technical team is working hard to bring new Food Safety plan builders as soon as possible.

Yes! Convert your current paper or Excel™ spreadsheets into smart inspection forms in minutes. Our template builder makes it easy to create tailored forms.

In consultation with Food Safety auditors and systems experts we have taken all reasonable care to develop the tool to be consistent with existing guidelines and expectations. However, it's use does not mean that your Food Safety plan, preventive controls, GMPs, or other Food Safety procedures are approved or compliant. The Food Safety Plan Builder is a tool to aid in supporting you meet the requirements.